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Social Media Policy

Please note that I do not accept Facebook or other personal-social requests from current students. Graduating students or alumni who have worked hard in my classes are encouraged to join my professional network on LinkedInAnyone can follow me on Twitter or Google+Thank you for understanding and respecting my wishes to be ethical and professional.

All students are invited to join the departmental Facebook page, and all alumni are encouraged to join the departmental alumni group on LinkedIn.


Please check my calendar. To ensure that I am available, please make an appointment before seeing me.

Contact Information

If you came to see me in person but I was out of the office, please send email or leave voice mail at the first number listed below.
  • Name: Konstantin Läufer
  • Department: Computer Science
  • Roles: 
    • Professor
    • Co-director, Emerging Technologies Laboratory
  • Office: Doyle Hall, Room 201, Lake Shore Campus
  • Web:
  • Office phone/voicemail: +1 (773) 508-3583
  • Main department phone: +1 (773) 508-8150
  • Department fax: +1 (773) 508-3739
  • Personal fax/voicemail: +1 (253) 295-2888
  • Call sign: KD9IOJ DMR: 1117067
  • Mailing address:
Konstantin Läufer,
Mar 22, 2011, 11:48 AM