Project 1a

Due Date: Fri 9 Sep


  • Familiarity with test-driven development.
  • Familiarity with performance considerations.
  • Refresher of linear data structures.


  • Start with the list-performance-csharp example from the course repository.
  • Add the missing test cases as described in the inline comment.
  • Run the unit tests.
  • Enable the display of test times in the unit test view and expand the tests. You should now see the test running time for each test method. Take a screenshot of this view.
  • Based on the previous item, answer the following questions:
    • Which of the two list implementations performs better as the size of the list increases?
    • Is one type of list always better than the other, or does the performance depend on the specific operation we perform?


  • (1 point) maintaining correct given project structure
  • (1 points) add missing test cases
  • (1 points) screenshot with running times
  • (2 points) written responses



Please follow these instructions.