Project 0b

Due Date: Wed 5 Sep

Individual Project


  • Ensure you have a functioning development environment.
  • Ensure you can access the course examples.

Software Installation

Install the required course software.

Verification of Development Environment

To verify that you have a functioning development environment, perform the following steps. (You might want to try first with hello-java, which requires no changes to run the tests.)
  1. Open your IDE (Eclipse) and, if you see the welcome screen, enter the workbench via the big arrow.
  2. Check out the cs2-lab5-listperformance-java project from the course repository into your IDE as a new project. This involves the following steps:
    • copy the repository URI (use Git Read-Only instead of HTTP if you get errors) from Github to the clipboard
    • open the Git repository exploring perspective (if you are missing this perspective, verify that you have the right version of Eclipse)
    • paste the repository URI and follow the steps of the clone wizard
    • in the last step, check "import all existing projects ..."
    • open the Java perspective
  3. Fix the errors.
  4. Complete the parts marked as TODO.
  5. Run the unit tests like so:
    • right-click on the test folder inside this project > Run As > JUnit Test
    • if given a choice, choose Eclipse JUnit Launcher for this configuration
  6. Make changes and repeat until the unit tests pass.
It is crucial that you resolve any problems you have by the end of this week with the help of the TA or the instructor.

Please create two screenshots:
  • Java perspective after successful build
  • JUnit view after running unit tests

Bitbucket Account Creation

Sign up for a free Bitbucket account. By using your official Loyola email address, you should receive unlimited private repositories.


  • Create a private Git repository on Bitbucket called project0b.
  • Import your code to the repository.
  • Upload your screenshots to the downloads area of the repository.
  • Summarize your findings (answers to the questions embedded in the code) in the top-level README file of the repository.
  • Share the repository with the instructor (laufer) and the TA (ejburns) through admin > access management. Notification will occur automatically.

Grading Criteria

  • 1 submission via Bitbucket repo (should still show my history before clone)
  • 1 fix syntax errors
  • 1 complete parts marked as TODO
  • 1 README answering questions embedded in code
  • 0.5 for each of the two screenshots showing that the corresponding step was successful
  • 5 points total