Project 6

Due Date: None (example only)

Larger Team Project (same teams as for Project 4) 


An understanding of
  • distributed computing
  • mobile + cloud architecture
  • interaction with cloud-based web services
  • key-value stores


  • In the context of your game from project 5, determine what information would be useful to
    • share among users, and/or
    • preserve across games.
  • Determine where you can/will maintain this information.
You are welcome to discuss ideas in the Piazza discussion forum. 


Look at the remote task in the prime checker app. 


Up to 10 extra credit points, 3 for a good set of defined information to share or preserve, 7 for a reasonable set implemented.

How to submit 

Please work on this project as an enhancement to your existing project 5 codebase in the cs313f18groupNp5 folder. 
When your work is ready to be graded, please notify your instructor and TA via Piazza.