Required Software

You can run Android tests and apps in the emulator or deploy them to your Android phone or tablet (with the required developer settings). With Robolectric, you can run Android tests in an ordinary JVM without the presence of an emulator or device.

Alternative Stack

If you have a Mac and an iOS device, you may consider using XCode for iOS development with deployment to your device. If you make this choice, you will be largely on your own if you run into problems, though.

Other Useful Eclipse Plugins

These plugins are available through Help > Eclipse Marketplace:
  • AnyEdit
  • CallGraph Viewer
  • Checkstyle
  • Data Hierarchy
  • FindBugs
  • JDepend4Eclipse

Overview of Android Development Modes

Different software is required for each of these.
  • local host
    • mvn on command-line
    • Eclipse -> visual GUI editor (our choice to get started)
  • target device
  • remote host
    • ssh, mvn on command-line, copy or download apk to device and install