Project 1a

Due Date: Sun 26 Sep

Ensure that your software development environment works end-to-end by replicating the following steps shown in class:
  • Launch VS 2010 and check out HelloFSharp from the examples repository
  • Build the solution.
  • Run the main program. You should see the output in a separate a console window.
  • Launch the NUnit GUI runner (nunit-x86.exe), navigate to the HelloFSharp executable, and run the tests.
Please submit one screenshot for each step, for a total of four screenshots.

If you do not use this default development environment, please perform the equivalent steps for your development environment. For Mono, the simple Makefile in the HelloFSharp project shows how to compile, run, and test F# code. The resulting steps are as follows:
  • svn co
  • cd HelloFSharp
  • make run
  • make test
  • make clean