Brief Presentation

Due Wed 8 Feb (topic selection)

Individual project
Presentation dates will be listed in Blackboard

This assignment gives you the opportunity to introduce the class to a programming language of your choice through a short presentation ("lightning talk"). 


  • Topic selection via Doodle
  • In-class visual and spoken presentation of 10 to 12 minutes in length plus 3 to 5 minutes for questions and/or discussion
  • Submission of visuals via Blackboard

Structure of Presentation

Your presentation on the chosen language should consist of these parts. A suggested approximate number of slides for each part is given in parentheses.
  1. (1-2 slides) Background and rationale, based on corresponding chapter from the text by Biancuzzi (or other relevant sources)
  2. (1 slide) Brief code sample
  3. (5-6 slides) Evaluation with respect to these criteria (please see this reference for details)
    • Readability
    • Writability/Productivity
    • Reliability
    • Cost
    • Others, such as
      • Portability
      • Generality
      • Well-definedness
      • Community, books, industry backing, etc.
      • Major projects (e.g., C used for Unix and lots of other stuff)
      • Ecosystem (availability of tools and libraries for the language or the platform it represents)
      • Coolness
  4. (1 slides) Conclusion
  5. Questions and/or discussion
Consider practicing your talk to make sure you are staying within the given time limit.