Haskell is an actively developed pure functional language.
  • GHC
  • Emacs with Haskell mode or other editor of choice
  • Leksah
  • Eclipse
Please refer to these instructions for setting up your Haskell environment.


F# is a recent version of ML/OCaml for the .NET platform. It is a hybrid functional/imperative/object-oriented language.
  • Windows: 
    • Obtain Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 through MSDNAA and follow these instructions
    • Add the AnkhSVN plugin for access to Subversion repositories.
    • Install the latest NUnit release.
    • Follow these steps to make NUnit compatible with VS.
    • Download the F# PowerPack MSI file from here
  • F# with Mono on Mac:
    • Download and install the latest stable version of Mono for Mac OS X from here.
    • Download and install the F# Mac installer from here.
    • Download the F# PowerPack zip file from here. Unzip to /opt. Then install to GAC in a terminal as follows: 
      for f in /opt/FSharpPowerPack-*.dll ; do sudo gacutil -i $f ; done
  • F# with Mono on Ubuntu:
    • Follow these instructions to use the F# compiler with Mono on the command line. 
    • In addition, if you use Emacs, you will want to use the F# mode
    • On Linux, install binfmt-support so you can run Mono executables (including the F# compiler and interpreter) without preceding them with "mono".
    • Download the F# PowerPack zip file from here. Unzip to /opt. Then install to the GAC as in the Mac instructions.
  • MonoDevelop IDE:
  • FsUnit


Prolog is a logic programming language with a long history.