Project 1c

Due Date: Mon 11 April


  • An understanding of the OAuth protocol for secure API authentication.
  • Experience with using OAuth to connect to familiar APIs.


Pick your favorite service, such as Twitter, Meetup, Delicious, Flickr, etc.

Then implement a small client-side script with the following functionality:
  • Connect to your favorite service using OAuth.
  • Access some non-public account-specific information.
Be sure to deal gracefully with error situations.


  • Twitter: list of direct message recipients with number of messages sent to each.
  • Delicious: list users in network with number of bookmarks shared with each.
  • Meetup: list of meetups attended per group.


  • Complete code checked into the repository
  • Documentation checked in as a README file with the code or in the wiki section covering at least these items:
    • programming language(s) used in the code and version(s) (important), e.g., Groovy 1.7.6
    • list of all external dependencies and, if applicable, installation instructions
    • IDE and operating system used to develop and test the code, e.g., Eclipse 3.6.1 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • A transcript that shows that your code works