Phase 1

Due Date: Sun 12 Sep
Individual Project

We will go through these steps in class, but this project requires you to do them again on your own.

    NakedObjects Installation and Tutorial

    • Download and unzip/untar NakedObjects 4 for Maven, as well as any software required for this course.
    • Study chapters 1 and 2 of the included documentation.
    • In Eclipse, switch to the Java perspective using Window > Open Perspective > Other... Java.
    • Create an Eclipse project for the NO examples using File > Import > Existing Maven Projects and browsing to nakedobjects-4.0.0/examples.
    • Work through the tutorial in chapter 1 by right-clicking on expenses-commandline/eclipse-launch/expenses_exploration_dnd.launch, choosing Run As, and choosing expenses_exploration_dnd.
    • Then use Refactor > Rename to rename the example-orders project to orders. Then similarly launch orders_exploration_dnd and play around with the desktop application.
      • Create at least two customers.
      • For each customer, place at least two orders.
      • Then find the orders for each customer in at least two different ways.
      • Generate screenshots showing the orders for your new customers.
    • Then perform the same steps for the web-based version of the application by launching orders_exploration_html and browsing to http://localhost:8080/

    Access to Example Repository and Use of Maven

    • Follow these instructions to establish access to the example repository.
    • Navigate to trunk > webapps > NumguessNO.
    • Right-click on NumguessNO and choose Check Out.
    • Change back to the Java perspective and find the NumguessNO project there.
    • Right-click on NumguessNO > Maven > Enable dependency management. Eclipse might be unresponsive for a while as it performs the initial download of the numerous project dependencies.
    • Then run the desktop version of the application via eclipse/numguess-dnd.launch and play the game until you guess the right number. Generate a screenshot of the winning guess result.
    • Perform the same steps for the web-based version via eclipse/numguess-html.launch.


    You are required to submit screenshots of your error-free Eclipse workspace containing the NO projects as well as your interaction with the expenses application similar to those in the tutorial. Then submit following these instructions.