Required Packages

You will need the following freely available software packages.

  • XHTML Editor. Cross-platform choices include:
  • UML Modeling Tool. The top two cross-platform choices are:
    • Astah (free community edition available)
    • ArgoUML (open source but a bit clunky)
  • Java 1.6 SDK (a JRE is not enough). Macs come with a Java SDK preinstalled. Do not use Java 1.7, as the Scala IDE will not work with it.
  • Git distributed version control client (command line).
  • Maven 2.x build manager (command line).
  • Scala latest stable release for learning the language through the REPL.
  • Eclipse Indigo for Java Developers along with various plugins:
    • Current stable version of the Scala IDE.
    • Plugins available through Help > Eclipse Marketplace:
      • Checkstyle
      • EclEmma
      • FindBugs
      • JDepend
      • SpringSource Tool Suite for Eclipse Indigo
      • (Other useful plugins will appear here.)
  • Play Framework 2.0 beta version for the main project. You need to unzip it somewhere you have write access as non-root.
  • Free Heroku account for collaborative development and application deployment.


  • Make sure the architecture your Java installation matches that of your Eclipse installation. Both should be consistent, either 32-bit or 64-bit.
  • If you have trouble running Eclipse on Windows, look here.
  • If Eclipse runs out of memory, look here.