Recommended development environment

The following development environment is recommended for this course:
You will also benefit from a (free) GitHub account for watching and forking the course examples.

Remember to increase the heap size in Eclipse's configuration!

Later this term, we will explore:

Alternative development environments

You may use other development environments of your choice but will be on your own for resolving problems.
  • Intellij IDEA with suitable plugins
  • NetBeans with suitable plugins
  • Text editor and command-line tools

Installation help

Working with EGit and GitHub

  • Copy the desired GitHub repository URL from the website
  • Open the Git repository exploring perspective
  • Press the middle button "clone existing repository and add to view"
  • Navigate to the preferred folder for your GitHub projects (usually outside of your Eclipse workspace)
  • Import as existing project into Eclipse (project remains in its original location you chose in the previous step)